Ramya is a beautiful soul! she came to Satyananda Yoga Centre in a tattered condition. Today if when people walk into our centre and feel serenity touch them, it is the contribution of Ramya.

She came to Chennai with practically no background. She had secured a bachelors degree in Engineering. With a frightening life in front of her, she did not hope to progress in life. All her doors of her life were shut. She met Sannyasi Shiva Rishi in 2004 and started learning yoga. Hope, strength and grace entered her heart.

She was sent to Rikhia ashram for intense seva and stayed for a period of one year in Rikhia Ashram. That was the beginning of a grand transformation in the life of a person who dedicated herself to the service of Guru!

She completed the Yogic Studies course in Bihar Yoga Bharati in 2009. Presently she in attending the Advanced Certified Training in Satyananda Yoga Program at Satyananda Yoga Centre.

She used to conduct classes for exceptional children and their mothers at Madhuram Narayan Centre, at schools in Chennai and at our centre. Ramya then went to Cuddalore and conducted classes for SYC Cuddalore under the leadership of Dr Elanthirayan. After three years at Cuddalore, Ramya is not on her own conducting classes for people in Pondicherry.

She proves to the world that Yoga is not just a restorative process, but it is a complete method for transformation and call for an awakening!