Vibrant, humorous and sincere teacher in the making. She has been learning yoga for about a decade. After completing her basic level course, second level , Revathi has completed a three year Teacher training program and has been actively involved in teaching yoga at Chennai Corporation Schools, Government Schools, Government aided schools as a SEVA!

Revathi completed our year long Sadhana Shibiram and is now continuing to learn from our long term SEVA & PRATYAHARA course.

Revathi conducts basic level course at her own place, our centre and during the Pandemic online too.

Being a career oriented women sitting at home idle made me feel low and that is when yoga helped me to rejuvenate and repurpose my objectives in life. Regular pracices made me physically, mentally and psychologically strong and it helped me to manage my life better. Over a period of time I felt I can chose yoga as my carrier and attended teacher training course.