Presently Kesavan works as a yoga teacher on roll for DAV Boys Senior Secondary School, Gopalapuram. We wish Kesavan and his family a prospeous and fulfilling future.

After his introduction to the physical aspect of Yoga, he got introduced to the comprehensive approach of Satyananda Yoga. After completing five years of fundamental learning at Satyananda Yoga Centre, he completed a three year course in Kriya Yoga from Bihar School of Yoga and attended the advanced two year course in Pratyahara and Dharana practices developed by Sri Swami Satyananda. Has been steadily developing the qualities required for a sadhaka. Kesavan completed a PG Diploma in Yoga and then went on to complete a M.Sc Yoga from University of Madras.

His contributions have been of immense value in furthering the work of Satyananda Yoga Centre and SYECT. Kesavan has served as a honorary secretary for Satyananda Yoga Centre as well as the Trust.