Padanguli Naman – Know your practice 1

The longest journeys begin with the smallest steps one takes!The inner journey of YOGA too starts with small steps, not just allegorically, even in the real sense!

PADANGULI NAMAN, an unusually simple practice, that can rewrite your neuro health! A perfect sensory motor coordination is required to the simple act of picking up a small object, from the floor with the toes! You should read about this simple practice and ensure that you learn it from an experienced Satyananda Yoga teacher.

Motor Homunculus, is a diagrammatic representation of how the different parts of the body are mapped on the cerebral cortex surface. The farthest part of the body from the brain – THE TOES have a large portion dedicated in the MOTOR HOMUNCULUS.

A huge amount of communication takes place in the pancha pranas and the pancha kosas for the simple act of moving the toes. The intent to move the toes, sets the entire subtle system into action. The brain and the nervous system are only the physical expressive part of the subtle and causal dimensions.


Toes are the beginning point of the entire network of nerves, that communicate each and every micro and macro message across the body. Toe bending may look like nothing compared to a dynamic practice like Surya Namaskara. However, as soon as you wake up on your bed, if you just did toe bending, it can be a most beneficial awakening of an entirely harmonious orchestra – LIFE!

Toes are also one of the most important part in the system of reflexology. the reflexology points relating to the eyes, nose, head, throat and many vital parts. The meridians, that emanate from the toes carry ‘CHI’ the Chinese term for prana to the whole body.

  • The practice of PADANGULI NAMAN, has an amazing impact on the physical dimension in enhancing the network of nerves and stimulates the brain centres.
  • Promotes sensory motor coordination.
  • Improves micro blood circulation and removes stagnation of lymph in the lower extremities.
  • Stimulates the pranic channels, removes pranic blocks.
  • Prevents pain and fatigue of the toes and feet.
  • Improves the sense of balance.
  • Improves awareness.
  • Helps in reducing High Blood pressure.
  • Relaxes the mind.
  • Useful in establishing oneself in the present