Palming – Know your practice -3

Palming is a simple preliminary practice that can be helpful in in many ways.

Palming is to be done at the end of every practice of yoga.It can be practiced after Pranayama or meditation After relaxation or asana practice or chanting or shatkarma practically palming can be an additive to any sequence of practices.

Our palms and our eyes are very sensitive parts of body. Both have the capacity to project prana from within in the form of a blessing aura healing touch. A compassionate loving grace can flow from the eyes of anyone towards everybody.

By regular practice of palming one can even reduce alter power in the eyes and make the eyes healthy. Palming cools down the eyes brings about a feeling of relaxation in the eyes and all over the body. Palming can be done as an independent practice whenever you feel tired fatigued or feel your eyes are burning.

You have to learn palming from an experienced teacher to do it correctly. It can be very effective for children studying long hours or people looking into computer screens for long hours aarivan doctors and advocates in chartered accountants who meet hundreds of people and keep listening to all their problems.

Learn Palming!