Well before Dawn on the day of Boghi, about 700 women from the neighbourhood walk into our Satyananda Yoga Centre. Students and teachers of Satyananda Yoga Centre sing kirtan, chant mantras, conduct the Guru Aradhana in their presence. Then they are served with hot tea. They receive a gift coupon, which they can exchange for a dress on the day of Pongal as a prasad of Guru and God!


This year also we had a wonderful time. From 4am they started walking in and by 7 am our building was fully occupied by young and old women and even some girls. They were very happy and delighted to come. It was like their mother’s home, they could just walk in. Most of them come every year, some of them know Sannyasi Shiva Rishi from childhood.

The experience of Giving and sharing our joy with our neighbours has left us with a feeling of gratitude to the Lord. There is no discrimination in any form. We receive with love and serve them as Divine forms.