Protecting the entry gate of COVID-19

MASK has been our guard during this pandemic! Everyone from all walks of life are expressing the importance of the face mask! This is because the entry point for the COVID 19 virus is the nasal passage and mouth primarily.

The nasal passage has to be protected from the entry of the virus! Mask has been the only available economically viable protection. If the entry into the body through the nasal passage is allowed, then the entire condition is completely a different thing! We all know about it.

Jala Neti – Cleansing Nasal Passage

In the system of yoga there is a branch known as Hatha Yoga. Shatkarmas are important cleansing practices, that help in maintaining the health of several organs and systems.

JALA NETI is a simple yet important practice from the Shatkarmas. The practice can be done in as less as five to ten minutes. It has to be practiced on an empty stomach. Several researches have also shown the efficacy of JALA NETI.

Particularly during this pandemic, when we are all in the need to keep the nasal passage from having viral load! From the nasal cavity up to the epiglottis, gets washed by the practice. The sinus pockets are also cleansed. The practice will remove the mucous membrane from inside the nasal passage, hence washing away the virus that might have lodged itself on the inner walls of the nasal passage.

In normal circumstances we suggest, once or twice a week as the appropriate frequency of this practice. In this specific pandemic situation, Jala Neti can be practiced twice every day to keep the nasal passage cleaner.

We are sharing a video which can provide you better understanding about the practice and how simple it is.

Disclaimer: This video does not to replace the need for a class under a competent teacher. This is published to create an interest in the practice and to make you feel that it is a simple and easy practice. If you wish to learn the practice, please approach a teacher and learn before doing it!

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