Shashankasana – Know your practice 4

A boon for the anxious! A friend to the angry! Calming assurance to those in fear!

Simple yet powerful practice from the Vajrasana group of asanas. Has a few variations too. The practice massages the abdominal organs, improves digestion. Enhances breathing and improves lung function.

The impact of this practice can be enhanced when done in combination with some specific mudras.

One can stay for long hours in this pose, because everyone has been in child’s pose in mother’s womb for nine months. One variation of Shashankasana is the child’s pose.

Brings hormonal balance in the adrenal cortex. Maintains balance in Adrenaline and non adrenaline levels. Helps to improve temperament.

Shashankasana has a harmonizing influence on the manipura chakra. It is also an effective preparation for Shirasasana.

There are a few contra indications for the practice. It will be wise to learn the practice from an experienced yoga teacher in combination with several other complimenting asanas.