Satyananda Yoga Centre is delighted to announce the celebration of Sri Swamiji’s Centenary in a befitting manner!

This year being the year of outreach, for the benefit of people of Chennai and Tamilnadu, Satyananda Yoga Centre, Triplicane, will offer several programs throughout this year in honour of Sri Swamiji.

Satyananda Yoga Centre, Triplicane, Chennai, inspired by the guidelines of Paramahamsa Swami Niranjananda Saraswati and Paramahamsa Swami Satyasangananda Saraswati have plans to celebrate the centenary year as a year of Seva, Prem and Daan!

Experential Retreat for People of Chennai

We are delighted to invite every spiritual aspirant, every Yoga Enthusiast, for this experiential Satyananda Yoga Retreat conducted by Satyananda Yoga Centre as an offering to the people of Chennai. It would be a blissful day, you’ll remember forever in life.

DATE 23rd JULY 2023, Sunday, Venue: Hotel New Woodlands, Mylapore, Chennai – 4. 6am to 4pm

  • In honour of Sri Swami Satyananda we are offering this program as a SEVA (No Fee will be charged). We would be delighted to have your participation in this one day Experiential Satyananda Yoga Retreat(ESYR).
  • Since we have already reached our full capacity of 350 persons, we have closed further registrations as on 30/05/2023!
  • We are still keeping the registrations on a waitlisted basis. Those who wish to apply are requested to follow the link given below!

we have received 350+ registrations!

Who should attend this ESYR?

  • Those interested in good health
  • Those who wish to have access to high level of energy and enthusiasm
  • Those who wish to have a creative and resourceful mind and intellect

What will we learn or do the whole day?

  • You will live a yogic life for one day
  • Learn simple and easy Asanas, Breathing practices, Meditation, Relaxation
  • Participate in several spiritually uplifting activities
  • Listen to Satsanga
  • Sing Kirtan and dance in ecstasy
  • Clarify doubts and participate in discussions
  • You will get simple healthy meal

Is any prior experience of yoga needed?

  • No prior experience of yoga is needed to participate
  • Beginners, regular practitioners, new to yoga, advanced practitioners can participate

What if we have some disease?

  • There is no contra indication for this retreat! The practices will only be beneficial for anyone.
  • If you are suffering from a diagnosed disease like, Hypertension, Asthma, Migraine, Rheumatism, Arthritis, Heart conditions, or any other such chronic disease, that does not disqualify you from attending ESYR
  • If you have gone through any surgery recently and are advised by your doctor not to do yoga, then you may attend our program next time

Any age restrictions?

  • 18 years and above anyone who can stand on their own legs, who do not need assistance to stand on your legs are welcome

How much is the fee for this retreat?

  • No Fees, the retreat is offered as a SEVA

What should we eat before coming?

  • You can have your morning beverage (Coffee/Tea) at home. Breakfast, Lunch, Tea will be offered by organizers

Should we bring anything?

  • We will have the floor covered with carpet, however you can bring your yoga mat
  • Bring a bottle of water
  • Bring a towel
  • Bring your mosquito repellent
  • Come with an open and receptive mind

Anything that we shouldn’t bring?

  • Yes, during the program you cannot use your mobile phone. We will ask you to switch it off for the duration of the retreat! If you cannot do that, then please stay at home!
  • Leave behind all your cares and worries
  • Don’t bring your complaining mind with you

Communications shared earlier

We are uploading the media and message shared in our communication tools with all of you through our social media posts here, so that those who missed some of them can see all the videos and read the relevant messages shared earlier inviting everyone to participate in the Experiential Satyananda Yoga Retreat.

Retreat Communication 1

Hari Om

Satyananda Yoga Centre, Triplicane, and Satyananda Yoga Education Charitable Trust are celebrating the Centenary year of Sri Swami Satyananda Saraswati this year.

Year-long outreach programs are being organised in Chennai and all over Tamilnadu.

In the month of July 2023, a deeply nurturing Satyananda Yoga retreat is being organised in Chennai in honour of Sri Swami Satyananda Saraswati!

I have been a beneficiary of the transformative power of Satyananda Yoga teachings and practices. I am writing this message to you in deep gratitude to our Guru Parampara and love for you and your family.

I wish to invite you for the retreat. This is the first communication in this regard.

If you would be interested in participating in the retreat, let me know and I will arrange to get you registered.

The session is offered free of any charges!

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Retreat Communication – 2

Hari Om

At a time when India was still under the imperial clutches, Swami Sivananda had a grand vision of a mass return of humanity towards the yogic culture. The responsibility of unfolding this vision was entrusted to Sri Swamiji!

“Satyam, Take Yoga from Door to Door and Shore to Shore” was Parama Pujya Swami Sivananda Ji’s mandate for his choicest disciple in 1957.

Sri Swamiji became the pioneer and gave Yoga Chakra to the world, which became the gateway for humanity to inherit the ageless wisdom of Yoga.

From the shore of Ganga, the flow of Satyananda Yoga made its way into every nook and corner of the world.

Bihar School of Yoga became one of the most venerable traditions that preserves the purity and the glory of yoga for modern humanity!

The Centenary Celebration of Sri Swamiji is happening this year. This gracious tradition has announced an Outreach this year to bless everyone with Health, Happiness and Harmony!

I am delighted to invite you for an Experiential Satyananda Yoga Retreat on 23rd July 2023 at Hotel New Woodlands, R.K Salai Mylapore, conducted by Satyananda Yoga Centre, Triplicane and Satyananda Yoga Education Charitable Trust.

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Retreat Communication – 3

“Experiential Satyananda Yoga Retreat – Centenary Celbrations of Sri Swami Satyananda Saraswati”

Sri Swamiji lived with Swami Sivananda from 1943 in Divine Life Society, Rishikesh and imbibed the teachings of his Master and dissolved himself in Selfless Service.

“Satyam, Take Yoga from Door to Door and Shore to Shore” was Parama Pujya Swami Sivananda Ji’s mandate for his choicest disciple in 1957.

From 1963 to 1983 Sri Swamiji gave twenty years of his to actualize that mandate given into a reality.

Bihar School of Yoga, Yoga Fellowship Movement, Yoga Research Foundation, Yoga Publications Trust were the manifestation of the vision of Swami Sivananda through his greatest disciple, to fulfill the Vision of A Modern Sage!

This gracious tradition has announced an Outreach this year to bless everyone with Health, Happiness and Harmony for all!

The Centenary Celebration of Sri Swamiji is happening this year. We are delighted to invite you for an Experiential Satyananda Yoga Retreat on, Sunday, 23rd July 2023 at Hotel New Woodlands, R.K Salai Mylapore, conducted by Satyananda Yoga Centre and Satyananda Yoga Education Charitable Trust.

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Retreat Communication -4

What is Yoga?
In a mushrooming Yoga Industry, the glory of The Guru Parampara of Sri Swami Satyananda stands out as a beacon to illumine the path of true spiritual seekers.

In this era of Mobile Apps, promise of online awakenings, YouTube Gyan and social media clutter, Satyananda Yoga is a live Parampara that has preserved the purity of yoga, yet presents Yoga with a scientific temperament and contemporary context.

Satyananda Yoga has all the aspects that qualify a systematic and well researched teaching methodology.

If you wish to have a genuine exposure to the wisdom of Yoga, here’s a chance!

We are celebrating Sri Swami Satyananda’s Centenary year! An outreach program has been planned by Satyananda Yoga Centre, Triplicane for the people of Chennai.

A FREE Experiential Satyananda Yoga Retreat (ESYR) will be conducted on Sunday, 23rd July 2023 at Hotel New Woodlands, R.K.Salai, Mylapore, Chennai – 4.

We have limited number of seats for participants. We started accepting registrations on 1st May.

Retreat Communication -5

In this modern world which is fast paced and stressful, Sri Swami Satyananda has gifted the world The Ashram culture.

Being in the Ashram in the presence of Guru and the Satsanga, living a yogic life has allowed many spiritual aspirants to discover the greatest potentials in them.

Bihar School of Yoga has preserved the ancient system of Ashram Lifestyle, for the contemporary humanity.

You can go to the Ashram, be there for a week, month, year or even a decade. Ashram life experience is precious, in the life of a spiritual aspirant.

Ashram heals all the scars and wounds of body, mind and brings out the highest qualities from within.

A great opportunity for the people of Chennai, to have an Ashram life experience for one day.

Being the centenary year of Sri Swami Satyananda, we invite you to participate in “Experiential Satyananda Yoga Retreat” on 23rd July 2023, Sunday, 6am to 4pm in Chennai.

The ESYR is a blessing from Sri Swamiji. It is offered as a SEVA, no fee is charged. If you are interested to know more and register yourself, visit the link given below.

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