Satyananda Yoga Centre is delighted to announce ‘SULOCHANA” a beginners course for home makers in honor of Smt.Sulochana Muthu, mother of Sannyasi Shivarishi, during her 75th birth anniversary year.

The course will be offered as a SEVA in honor of Sulo, there will be no fee for this course.

We welcome all women home makers above the age of 40 to enroll yourself in this course

We have captured some of the qualities that Smt.Sulochana embodied, we are sure by following the teachings each one of you would exemplify these and more.

Spiritual Inclination

From a very young age Sulochana(Sulo) was a spiritual aspirant! She used to say to her children, her school experiences. One such experience is the annual dance drama! She used to play the role of the sutradhari, she used to sing a song that would enquire into the nature of things! The very song would inspire her to enquire in the nature of life, of nature, of soul, the creator. Even as a school going child, Sulo would enter into a spiritually exalted aspirants state. Tears would flow down as she would narrate the incident and sing the song to her children!

Uncompromising Sadhak

Sulochana was an undaunted sadhak! She has been a spiritual aspirant from her childhood! From the time of her marriage till her son and daughter settled into their married lives, she was an uncompromising mother, till the last breath of her husband she was an uncompromising wife, all through her life, she was an uncompromising sister to her siblings and an uncompromising daughter to her parents.

In spite of the demanding family life, Sulo had not completely abandoned her spiritual aspiration. She would do Japa, chanting, visit temple, have homam every month and do Lalitha Aradhana every Friday, all the time that was available to her after exercising all her duties to her family, was always utilized for spiritual efforts.

Sulo, got a Guru in her son, he got her initiated into Kundalini Yoga, Kriya Yoga and Japa Yoga! Till her last days she was a bhakt, yogi and aspirant. She left her body in her daughters lap, chanting the name of the Lord!

Love Incarnate

Sulo’s heart was filled with LOVE! Sulo could love everyone and in her love, she never saw flaws in the people with whom she shared her life. Her Love dissolved every limitation others had, Sulo could unconditionally love everyone! In her later years between sixty and seventy two, her love poured over every disciple of her son. All of them found in her a mother who was willing to feed them with a sumptuous meal and fill their hearts with her love and care.

Sulo’s love healed everyone who came to learn yoga from her son!


Sulo had many obsessions!

Sulo was obsessed with the desire to have spiritual awakening and in that sense she was a Jignasu. She received her mantra diksha, Jignasu Diksha and Karma Sannyasa Diksha few months before leaving her body. She was given the name Sannyasi Atma Jyoti.

Serving her husband, nourishing her family were obsessions that have let her children, grand children and extended families to grow into healthy people!


Sulochana means also ‘The Compassionate’ Amma was an embodiment of compassion. She would pour out her love to everyone, irrespective of who or how they were.

Kasturi Rangan, Parthasarathy, Sethuraman, Srinivasan, Ravi, Anand(Cheranmadevi), Rama, Latha, Naya Kumar, Krishnamurthy, Munuswamy, Kathavarayan, Chittibabu, Mani, Subramani, Anand, Jayaraman, Arjunan, Krishnan, Tamilmani, Rathnam, Udayakumar, Ranjith, Arumugam, Sakunthala, Komala, Andal are few names of people who worked in Suresh & Co, a business by Shri NKT.Muthu. Each one of them would have had at least thousand meals prepared by Amma. The list of people who she fed with all her love and compassion is actually uncountable.

Students of Satyananda couldn’t leave without being fed by her to her satisfaction!


Her very presence would bring about a sense of harmony into the environment that she would enter into! In glory and in spectacular times, she would bring the sense of humility and cast off all jealousies and build trust and good will! In times of penury and difficulty, her simplicity and creativity could make people never feel their difficulties. Even student of Satyananda Yoga Centre would request for her to spend some time with her after or before their class and feel nourished and filled with a sense of harmony percolating into their being.

Adaptability = Sulochana

From her kitchen to her career, from her relationships to her revenue, everything had unimaginable levels of resilience. She was strong, but never adamant! She was sure but never audacious, She was able to adapt to every extent that a situation warranted. Within ten minutes she would be able to feed twenty people with a quick upma and prepare an elaborate five course meal for fifty people.

Her adaptability was so natural that people wouldn’t even be able to recognize that she has come a long way, to make them feel comfortable. He adaptability was so effective that she never felt suffocated herself in ensuring that things would go in the right direction.


Sulo has witnessed extreme situations since childhood! Her early childhood was pleasant and she experienced abundance! But penury struck her family! Penury chased her till she got married! Of course, she got married into a family with multiple complexities! Early married life was not one abundance! Shri.NKT.Muthu was a philanthropist without any par! He would take an overdraft in his bank to give dress and food to hundreds of people! He was a typist in Railways and salary was minimal! Her son had several early childhood health issues, was a distracted and notorious one as he grew up. Every day was a nightmare.

In spite of tumultuous circumstances, Sulo never lost her calmness!


Sulo was completely selfless!

Introductory session to the course “SULOCHANA” is planned on 26/03/2023, Sunday at 5.30pm at Satyananda Yoga Centre.

If you wish to attend our next introductory session submit details in the form given below. We will remind you before the introductory sessoion.