Introductory Session for this course will be held on 12/11/2022 at 6.30pm at Satyananda Yoga Centre

If your home is managed by your mother, sister, a great woman who gives herself to ensure that each one of you are nourished and your home is having a well lubricated relationship, she deserves to be in great health, have abundance of energy and have opportunity to relax deeply.

Enrol your families queen pin in “SULOCHANA” our beginner’s course in Satyananda Yoga. Lochana literally means eye, but actually means more than that. It means a person with a benevolent outlook! In order to have a “Sulochana” one should have a Suhrdaya – Compassionate heart, Subuddhi – Intellect that is selfless Sudrishti – Healthy Attitude, Suvakya – Considerate Speech and Susheelam – Humble Manners and lot more!

Through this course and it’s practice your Mother, Wife, Sister or any Home Maker woman will be nourished and empowered. Women from 40 to 60 years will benefit greatly from this learning.

We are planning classes once a week on a weekday around 10.30am.

You can enroll your “SULOCHANA” in our Beginners Course, if you wish to enroll your Mother, Wife, Sister or Aunt,