flood1The impact of the initial rains had devastated people living on the Buckhingam canal  river bank side and on the Adyar river side and Coom river side. Initially we arranged for food for about 200 people in one area.

We also called for a mass prayer for people of Chennai on 24th November 2015 at our centre and chanted Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra 1008 time. Rains stopped after that and it was brightly shining and we hoped that things were returning to normal.

News about meteorological reports about unprecedented rains and possible flooding in Chennai were making circles and the air was filled with fear and insecurity.

We called all our students for a very special prayer for the people of Chennai on 28th November 2015.


We offered our humble prayers by performing a Maha Mrityunjaya Havan.  We felt quiet satisfied that we had done a sincere call out to the forces of nature! After the prayer for two days there was not much of a rain and we felt that things would return to normal. On 29th we even had our sadhana class and the PDS class!

A small kitchen was started by Thanigaivelan at Victory foundation office in Triplicane, on 26th November initially 200 packets were prepared and distributed to few people.

Rain was becoming stronger and we started feeling that the small kitchen would not be sufficient. We decided to request Mr.Srinivasan, to start a kitchen at Satyananda Yoga Centre.

On 1st December our adhoc kitchen was started. The next week became an experience of abundance, care, love and grace!