अन्नात भवन्ति भूतानि पर्जन्यात् अन्न सम्भवः 

Our scriptures have explained very clearly that a yagnya way of life is important for maintaining the balance and harmony of nature! When people become selfless, when their actions are oriented to doing actions that will result in the welfare of the majority and not be oriented to personal gains! such  a way of life is called as Yagnya way of life.
When people do not voluntarily come forward and live such a life of balance, nature takes a whip and teaches her lesson to her beloved children. We were witness to the yagnya way of life, that people in Chennai had to take to for whatever reasons.
While Chennai was suffering surrounded by water, at our centre, we were surrounded and flooded by people overflowing with love and care! from 8 year old to 80 year olds, we had infant to fragile hands making their contribution, to prepare food and send it out to the people of Chennai.

Hundreds of known and unknown neighbours from Triplicane and students of Satyananda Yoga Centre, came to the centre, as early as 6am, which had become like a massive kitchen. From cutting vegetables, cleaning the utensils, rinsing the rice, wiping leaves, packing food, collecting food from other kitchens, driving vehicles, delivering food in affected areas, purchasing groceries and vegetables, arranging for gas cyclinders, sweeping and mopping the entire building after every round of despatching food, everyone participated in every activity with dedication and enthusiasm.

We collaborated with the following organizations to extend the services. We either received from relief material from them and passed on to affected people, or we sent food or relief material through them.

  • Ekam Foundation
  • Mafoi foundation
  • Victory foundation
  • Chennai Volunteers
  • Jeeyar Education Trust
  • Bhoomika Trust
  • Ramanujam Trust
  • Daasya Trust
  • Hot Breads
  • Hotel Marina