We initially planned to make one lakh relief kits and distribute it to families that were affected. Before organising the kits we decided to first make visits to each of the area where we had provided food and then decide the actual course of action.

When we visited the localities, we found that the entire population that was affected by the inundation of water did not require relief material. Many of them had enough and were returning to their normal life.

On the other hand innumerable service organisations, trusts, NGO’s and individuals, out of their compassion and desire to help were taking truck loads of relief material to several areas. We decided to do an in depth survey and do what would be needful and appropriate.

Our team of volunteers did several rounds of survey  to ascertain the conditions in affected areas. We have surveyed 15 localities, total number of families in these localities is 33500. Out of these, 3381 families require help and 45 families are very badly affected. They have lost their hut!

We have planned to give relief material to the 3381 families. For those who are at loss of their homes, we will take some more time to draw up our plan.