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 Veda is the Phoenix of our center!

A true inspiration to whomever she meets. If you look at her today and if someone is telling you that she is a cancer survivor, your immediate response would be “you must be joking”. The kind of energy she spread around her is like that.

Veda was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 32 years. During that time she was working with a leading
Automobile company. She had a Daughter and a Son of 8 years and 7 years respectively. The Diagnose came as a bomb shell in her life. Immediately she quit her job and underwent a regular treatment process. At each and every stage of the treatment there were changes in the body, hair-loss, weight-loss, change in the color, which was very difficult for her to accept and her beauty fade away in front of her eyes.
Veda was entering into a depression. She spoke to her doctor about her state of mind.

The Doctor advised her to learn Yoga. She was directed to Sn.Shivarishi; founder Satyananda Yoga Center Triplicane, to learn Yoga. Shivarishi asked her to complete her treatment and join Yoga class. But the first meeting with Sn.Shivarishi itself had brought a load of hope within her. She felt that it was possible to come out of the depression if she attends the Yoga class.

Veda was waiting for the treatment to get over. Immediately after the treatment she joined the Yoga class and started practicing regularly. The Yoga sessions brought in a beautiful change in her. She became more positive and especially Yoga Nidra helped her to come out of the after effects of the treatment. As a creeper sticks to the tree she caught hold of Yoga after that there was no looking back. Sn.Shivarishi gave her full support.

Even though her job was waiting for her in the company she worked she chose to take up Yoga teaching slowly as full time in Madhuram Narayan Centre, because she felt that Yoga has brought her miracle to her hence she wanted others in need to experience the same. From then on she has become a full time Yoga instructor and a true inspiration to thousands of people.

Today her children are in one of the best engineering colleges and a Happy Mother contributing at least 10 hours a day to Yoga through teaching, counselling, translating articles on Yoga and assisting Satyananda Yoga Centre in its Projects.

Her motto is to follow the path of her Guru and spread Yoga door-to-door and Shore-to-Shore! In fact this WCC project is one sapling she planted in her path and aiming to plant more like this in future so that the society can enjoy the benefit out of it.

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