home-logoThe true nature of the aspirant is pure consciousness represented by the lotus. Since the aspirant is ignorant to this truth, since the consciousness is yet to be realized, the lotus is depicted in the bud form. The partially open eye in the central petal depicts the meditative state in which one realizes one’s true nature, as supreme consciousness free of any attributes.

Atma – The pure consciousness is unaffected by anything, like a lotus which grows from the murky slush, yet remains without the touch of wetness, awaits to bloom in the presence of the Guru, who is like the rising Sun for the Lotus.

The pure consciousness is beyond the three!
Three Bodies, Three Gunas, Three states of mind is represented by the blue water and the three white lines. Ham, Ksham and Om, represent the three nadis through which one gradually evolves and also the different paths that can be chosen from. Through the different types of sadhana, which is represented by the upward and downward triangles, the Jeeva rises above the trio with the help of GURU and realizes its true nature in the state of Turiya!

Remains free from any afflictions!

Welcome to the journey going nowhere, just knowing!