The Most Injured Joint!

Ankle twist or ankle injury is one of the most common injuries. Most sports persons would have have either of these injuries in their sporting career. Edema or in common man’s language, swelling of the feet and lower extremities is another common issue that a lot of people suffer due to several medical conditions.

The experience of uneasiness, caused by blockage of wind, becoming a prominent discomfort, progressing into a arthritis and a life long medication and suffering can be prevented by doing the simple practice of Goolf Chakra – Ankle Rotation.

If sportsmen practice the PMA 1 sequence before their game they can ensure that their joint will not get ruptured. Since the joint is shared by the feet and the foreleg, the regular and systematic rotation of the ankle can promote better health in the arteries, veins, tendons, ligaments, muscles and establish a clear channel of communication between the brain and the motor organs.

The practice can relieve ankle pain, cramps of the calf muscles, swelling in the feet and around ankle caused by inadequate drain of the lymph, can be managed well with the regular practice of GOOLF CHAKRA.

In the yogic perspective, the feet is part of the Prithvi Tatwa. Stability, resolute nature and it’s contrary fear, instability and frivolous nature can be experienced when the health of the feet are maintained well.

Also a large chink of marmas and nadis converge through the ankle. In fact in several self defense systems, certain marma sthanas are attacked to completely immobilize a person. In the system of reflexology too, ankle is mapped as corresponding to the reproductive and execratory systems.

As Swami Niranjan says ‘During your old age, it is not the advanced classical postures that will be needed. It is practices from PMA 1 that will be most relevant’.

We cover this practice in our basic level course, revisit the practice every now and then and find it extremely beneficial in more than one way!

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