In the last forty to fifty years, humanity has progressed technologically in leaps and bounds! From an industrial development, we have progressed today to the field of Artificial Intelligence! However cost of living has risen to irrecoverable levels, availability of food for all have become like the horn of the unicorn!

Producing food has also become more and more challenging these years, so much so that we have people sitting next to plants in plantations with vibrators, operated manually to extract pollen and assist cross pollination. People are realizing the key role that bees play in the process of cross pollination.

We have started an initiative #WENEEDBEES as part of our Seva Shibiram (Course for offering Seva). 


Honey bees are essential for biodiversity to sustain itself. Honey bees play a crucial and irreplaceable role in the process of cross pollination. Due to deforestation, excess use of pesticides and urbanization, the scope of survival of bees is threatened and has dwindled down. We need bees, for the production of food and maintaining the balance in nature. 

Satyananda Yoga Centre, has inspired its students the importance of introducing honey bees back and help them to increase their population. We have adopted several models of increasing honey bee population.


Campuses that have a good green cover, have lots of trees and plants, Parks, Farms, Gardens,  HFarm Houses, Farming Lands, Forests are all great places that would provide bees a fair chance to increase their population.

We can take the following initiatives to improve Honey Bee population across the country.

  • Install Honey Bee Hives in all such appropriate locations.
  • Create awareness among people who live or use these locations for living purposes or for work.
  • Create awareness among students from school to higher education.

We request everyone in our country to apply their mind in this critical matter and become a supporter of the movement #WE NEED BEES 

How can you participate in WE NEED BEES

  • Be a Volunteer for our WE NEED BEES program
  • Help build awareness through social media campaigns
  • Help your neighborhood acquaint themselves with bees by organizing an awareness program in your locality, School, College, Community, or wherever you can
  • Donate for one beehive box of SERENA INDICA bees to be installed in a poor farmers home or farm.
  • Create your own campaign to create awareness
  • Collaborate with us in fulfilling the purpose of #WENEEDBEES

Projects completed

We have successfully installed bee hives in several places in Chennai and some places in Tamilnadu.


The project for bee hives and bee conservation started off when Dr.Elanthirayan, one of our students, met Beeman Selvakumar and installed bee hive in his terrace garden in Cuddalore. He started giving us pure honey every time he visited us. He explained how it has been a fantastic experience. We met Beeman Selvakumar and then got hooked on to the honey bees.

First Awareness Program in Chennai

on 12th September 2021, on the auspicious occasion of Sri Swami Satyananda’s Sannyas divas, we inaugurated our first hone bee awareness program in Chennai.

We assembled at Venkatramana Goshala, Pallikaranai, on 12th September 2021, after a Guru Aradhana, chanting and kirtan, we spent half the day with the cows in the Goshala. Then we had an interesting awareness program. Beeman Selvakumar spoke to the students of SYC on the importance of bees in maintaining balance of earth’s bio diversity.

Participants were given opportunity to meet bees, handle hives and tasted freshly extracted honey from honey combs. Many of the students of SYC resolved to install bee hives in as many places as possible, including their homes. Few bee hives were installed in homes of student in the months to come.

Yelagiri Hills

In October 2021, a group of students of Seva Shibiram went to the tranquil hill village in Yelagiri. We took with us ten bee hive boxes, one hundred tree saplings. The bee hives were gifted to the villagers so that they can start Apiculture and become financially self reliant.

Ten families were short listed from a village in Yelagiri. Each family received a bee hive box containing 8000 bees. We introduced eighty thousand bees into the environment of Yelagiri. Victory Sports Foundation, which has been working in the villages of Yelagiri to bring youth in Yelagiri into the gamut of sports and guide the to be better persons. Satyananda Yoga Centre with the support of Victory Sports Foundation have adopted the villages in Yelagiti to introduce honey bee cultivation and improve green cover in Yelagiri. Apart from the ten bee hives that have been installed in Yelagiri, fifty trees were planted in the village as part of the Bhoota Yagnya program.

Video for Awareness

We are delighted to have produced a series of videos to create awareness on the importance of honey bees in the cycle of bio diversity. We are sharing our playlist here, we request you to see each and every video and share them with all your friends so that we can make a positive contribution towards nature.

Satyananda Yoga Centre

We have been promoting the idea of a Terrace garden in urban buildings. At our centre we have created a terrace garden and have installed bee hives at our premises.

We have installed two bee hives of Serena Indica and one bee hive of Dammer bees.

We look forward to have a good experience seeing their population increase during the coming months.