Educat the Latin root for EDUCATE means to lead out!

Yoga has a great role to play in bringing out the hidden potentials from within everyone! The Central board of Secondary Education and Matriculation Board under Samacheer education system have made yoga learning essential as part of the school curriculum.

Growing understanding about the positive role of yoga is now emerging in the education system today. More and more policy makers and educationists are waking up to the need of yoga in the education system.

“We wish to give that kind of education, with which a child will be able to know their own body, their own thoughts, emotions and the ability to change them”

Sri Swami Satyananda

It is through yoga that the child can be taught to become aware of body, breath, mind, emotions, thoughts, attitudes and other movements within. Such awareness would give the child awareness of their strengths, weakness, aspirations, needs. Not only do they develop understanding, they also develop the ability to positively channelize their energies.

Satyananda Yoga Centre has been integrating yoga education into the school curriculum over the last one decade. Behavioral modifications, improvement in energy level and enthusiasm, improvement in intelligence, were observed in children who have undergone systematic training in yoga as part of the school curriculum has resulted in increasing number of schools taking to the wonderful discipline of Yoga.

This lecture can be an eye opener for teachers, principals and educationists and help them create a curriculum for their school.

Bihar School of Yoga has published two books based on its experience over several decades. The reading will be rich and enlightening. For a full list of publications visit

Who should attend this session? Parents, Teachers, Yoga teachers, Principals, B.Ed Students

Where can this ACOGYT session be arranged? Schools, PTA, B.Ed Colleges

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