The depth of understanding that yoga has about the human personality is unparalleled.  The practices of yoga are developed based on this understanding. Yoga practices strengthen all the dimensions, thus removing all the weaknesses present.

Effectiveness depends directly on the strength and weakness of personality. To have a strong personality we need nourishment at all levels. Yoga divides human personality into five layers. The Physical, Vital, Mental, Psychic and Spiritual  dimensions of our personality receive nourishment through different practices and principles of yoga.

The need for nourishment in the physical dimension is fulfilled mainly by the practices of asanas. Pranayama primarily provides nourishment to the vital dimension. Its positive influence overlaps the physical and mental dimensions too.  A range of practices are available for nourishing the mental dimension. We can surely conclude that except for yoga there is no other wisdom that provides methods to nourish the psychic dimension. Spiritual dimension being the most subtle is nourished through the spiritual insights that are found in the scriptures of yoga.

From a sick, weak tattered condition the practices and principles of yoga tinker the entire personality and rebuilds a strong and effective personality.

This session paints a complete picture of an effective personality and discusses the scheme of developing effectiveness.