The intricate understanding of personality that yoga has in its system is known as “PANCHA KOSA VIVEKA”. There is no parallel to the depth of understanding that Pancha Kosa Viveka presents. Such knowledge is not available in any other system or science. Yoga has an original concept of Personality development and unique practices for its development.

Not only does the philosophy of yoga has an unparalleled  intellectual understanding about personality. It has developed intrinsic tools that can be effectively utilized to strengthen and nourish the personality.

Understanding about the efficacy of these tools is growing and appreciated like never before by global human population that seeks harmony, peace and prosperity in life!

The philosophy of yoga and the brilliant practices can bring about an outstanding effect on all these five levels, allowing a person to exhibit highest potentials. The manifestation of these potentials is recognized as excellence by all people around.

This lecture is suitable for everyone who wishes to improve themselves and succeed in life.

Who should attend this session? Youngsters, Parents of young people, teachers, trainers, counselors, mentors, educationists, entrepreneurs, managers, leaders

Where can this session be arranged? Schools, Colleges, Workplace, Youth Clubs, Youth Associations, Universities, Training Centers.

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