CLARITY – Knowing oneself and the  people with whom they share their work and life, in terms of their Strengths and Weakness, in terms of their Aspirations and Needs is the first step towards a meaningful life and then success. This clarity should extend further to the other resources, without which it would never be possible for one to progress towards success!

A relaxed clutter free mind, a razor sharp intellect, unfailing memory, emotional maturity and vitality are essential qualities necessary for clarity,  these qualities can be systematically developed and strengthened through regular practices of Satyananda Yoga.

COURAGE – Knowledge  is fortified when it is supported by courage, which means an inner belief in self and the will power to persevere through trying times. Courage also means conviction in what one knows is right. It is the ability to dare all odds when one is following one’s conviction. 

Regular adherence to the disciplines of yoga and adoption of the values of yoga, make one’s mind very strong.  Self confidence is boosted, vitality increases, intuitive insight develops with practices of relaxation, laying foundations for a fortified personality.

COMMUNICATION –  the ability to connect with people, the openness to receive and give insights and information, guidance,  and criticism, that will facilitate the people involved, to take constructive decisions and contributory steps towards a decided course of action. Have the fullest participation of people involved.

Acceptance of people, situations and things provides the edge in harmonious communication. Patience, acceptance, relaxation, receptivity and enthusiasm  are developed with systematic regular practice of Satyananda Yoga!

CONVERGENCE – Austere or tapas is the ability to prevail upon, have the perseverance to synergize the resources available,  in one direction. This is essential to move forward steadily to fulfill life purposes. 

The practices of Satyananda Yoga provide an opportunity to develop such strength at all levels of personality

This session opens up the window to participants and gives them a view of the wonderful wisdom of yoga in enabling and providing scope for improving themselves and fulfilling their life purpose successfully!