All parents want their children to be healthy, happy  & prosperous. They build an asset, buy gold, securities, insurance and what not to ensure the safety and success of their children.

 The different stages of development of a child from the period in the womb of the mother to entry into adolescence and then into adulthood can be properly managed when yoga is appropriately introduced into the life of a child.

In every stage of development several organs and systems of the physical body and the vital, emotional, intellectual aspects of the personality go through the process of growth and development. Yoga – if introduced, to the child at the right age in a systematic manner can provide a strong and empowering foundation on which they can build their life.

The variety of tools of yoga has in its wisdom, can help in the healthy development of all dimensions of the personality.

This lecture will help parents, teachers and educators understand the role of yoga in developing a comprehensive development of their children, students. 

Who should attend? Parents, Teachers, Principals, Correspondents, educationists, special educators

Where can this session happen: Schools, Homes, Parent Teachers Association

The session will clarify all doubts regarding yoga its role in child development. It will help them give their children a bright opportunity in life. 

To organize this ACOGYT session pl write to or call 9841738069