Satyananda Yoga with exceptional children is a wonderful tool in improving the scope of the child’s growth. The mother of exceptional children can be the carriers of the yoga practices. They can become the catalyst in the positive development of the child.

Satyananda Yoga practices can be taken to an exceptional child in several stages

  1.  As a set of general practices that can improve their health. Improve their digestion, better their sleep, improve their excretion and make them healthier individuals.
  2. Individualized specific practices that can be individually designed to bring about specific changes that will make their mainstreaming easier.
  3. Yoga nidra and sankalpa have a great influence on our mind and this can be used to revolutionize the education of exceptional people.
  4. Environment in which people live in have a great influence in the deeper levels of the mind. A yogic environment has a very positive influence in the mind of an exceptional person. You can be guided in creating an uplifting environment at home and in exceptional schools

In this lecture we will share the experiences we have had in introducing Satyananda Yoga to exceptional children over the last one decade.

Who should attend? Parents of exceptional children, special educators, yoga teachers

Where can this session be organized? Exceptional schools

How to organize? If you are interested in organizing this session for your exceptional school pl contact +919841738069 or write to