There are many misconceptions regarding, who is yoga meant for? Some think that it is for old people who do not have any work. When we spoke to a professor in a university, he said pl do not disturb us, go to schools! yoga is meant for children. Some think that yoga is for the sick.

All these views are wrong. Yoga is for every one. The positive influence of yoga can be felt by everyone in their life. Though the need for yoga is more and more felt by professionals from all fields.

The extended periods of work, the dynamic timelines, demands of the profession, challenges and competition have a strong debilitating influence on the body mind complex of every one exposed to stressful work and life. Professionals such as Doctors, lawyers, charted accountants, corporate managers,  executives and consultants are prone to such influences.

Professionals suffering from psychosomatic disorders and stress disorders is on the rise.

Yoga is a needed oasis in this stressful environment of every professional.

This session will provide an opportunity to understand the help one can get in YOGA!