The whole world is looking at India as a potential super power. Youth population in India is the main resource that promises such a possibility in the years to come.  But in reality our youth need to empower themselves with better health, enthusiasm, vitality and they are expected to perform at a high level of competency.

The competition in all fields are inducing tremendous stress over the youth. The number of suicide cases and addiction is on the rise. We are seeing a deterioration in health in young people.

Youth today are having the crisis of lack of physical activity and too much mental activity. Plus, there is a confused cultural environment. They are exposed to a global culture, they are going through an overwhelming exposure to multiple choices, that leave them perplexed and tense. Youth seem to be educated only to become successful, their only motivation 

Yoga has a great promise for our youth. Globally millions of young people are now drawn towards the grand tradition of yoga. This session on YOGA FOR YOUTH is an enlightening session for youngsters who care to be healthy, happy, prosperous and successful in life.

Who should attend this session? College students, young professionals, anyone less than 25 years age

Where can this session be arranged? In colleges, in office, Youth clubs, Young leaders organizations

How to organize this session? call 98417 38069 or send an email request to