Yoga of the Hands

Indicates the disciplines of yoga relating to the physical dimension. Such as asanas, pranayama and Karma Yoga. These disciplines strengthen the physical body, improve vitality and health, hence enabling one to positively act in the world. The physical abilities developed as a result of adhering to these disciplines allow one to be a powerful contributor to every environment they belong to. Prevents limitations such as diseases, illness, lack of energy and enthusiasm.

Yoga of the Heart

In yogic view our physical heart is the location of our mind, like how our eyes are our location of vision. In science it is still an enigma whether the heart rules the body or the head rules.

Yoga affirms that the subtle governs over the gross.Yoga provides guidance and insight into the dimension of our mind, attitudes and gives in-numerous practices, tools and lifestyle attunements that would make our mental dimension free of stress or clutter.

Yoga of the Head

Intellect is subtler & more powerful than the body and mind. however if the intellect is not sufficiently trained and fully informed, it can mislead or ignorantly follow the impulses from the physical or emotional dimensions.

Contributions of yoga for training the intellect is a timeless wisdom that is seldom approached in a practical way. Even those who have some introduction to this contribution may only have an academic idea instead of the original and practical approach of yoga.

Yoga provides a training and scheme for integrating these three dimensions in a seamless manner. Yoga like a thread makes these dimension into a jewel in the garland of life. In the presence of such a harmony life flows freely and effortlessly like a music, else it becomes like a cacophony!

This lecture will open the possibility of understanding the entire scope of yoga as a wonderful way of life.

Who should attend this?

  • Everyone with a desire to know oneself
  • Those who would like to live a fuller life
  • Those who wish a harmonious and complimenting life of peace, plenty, prosperity. 

 Where can this session be arranged?

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