To be a great sports person, one requires fitness, flexibility, strength, endurance, agility at the physical level and vitality in the energy level and relaxation, concentration, focus, creativity, quick decision making skills, at the mental level and emotional intelligence.

Through hard core sports skill training alone these desired qualities are not fully developed. In the past twenty years sportsmen and sports women have started recognizing the role of yoga in improving their physical, vital, mental and emotional dimensions.

Sports Authority of India, All India Football Federation, BCCI, South Zone Cricket Academy, Tamilnadu Cricket Academy are some of the sporting bodies in India who have collaborated with Bihar School of Yoga, Satyananda Yoga Centre, Triplicane, Chennai for introducing yoga to their sportsmen.

Sportsmen from athletics, Boxing, Cricket, Chess, Football, Swimming, Motorsports and all other individual and team sporting professionals can derive great benefit from Yoga.

This lecture will be an eye opener for sports professionals. It enlighten sportsmen on ways to improve their performance and rise to higher levels.

Who should attend this session? Sports coaches, fitness trainers, sportsmen, leaders in sports field

Who can arrange this session? Sport teams, Clubs, Sports Academies

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