Mano Maya Kosa, the dimension of human personality, which is part of the subtle body, is a the vehicle through which one can turn one’s awareness towards the inner reality, which is fullness and completeness. When connected with the fullness and completeness, MIND is able to manifest the highest potential possible.

However due to association mind can lead a person toward the lesser realities of life such as emotional hangovers and sensorial pleasures. Such inclinations make a person feel limited, inadequate and experience emotional bankruptcy. Such people become dependent on things such as cigarettes, liquor and other such intoxicating stuff. Self limiting habits, entrenched behavior traits compel the mind to flow in unhealthy attitudes.

Yoga awakens the mind, through a systematic approach and frees the mind from the limitation that are imposed on it. This awakening of mind opens one to unlimited possibilities.

This lecture provides an overview of the process of awakening the mind.

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Who should attend this session? Youngsters, Everyone who wish to awaken the mind!