B.Ed Courses should introduce Yoga to all B.Ed students to get a refreshing experience of yoga, during the two year period of their course. It shouldn’t be made into another academic assignment of the course to be forgotten as they move into the challenges of their job and life!

We had such opportunities to make an impact in the mind of the students so much, that even after twenty years, many of the students who attended our classes during their B,Ed training, have come back to us from several parts of the world, remembering the refreshing experiences they have had learning and practicing yoga long ago!


From 1998 to 2007 over a decade NKT NATIONAL COLLEGE of education used to invite us to their institution for conducting our classes for their B.Ed and M.Ed students. As part of their course, a certified yoga program was conducted.

The importance and the role of yoga in promoting the comprehensive development of the child was presented to them, with scientific, psychological studies. The role of yoga in harmonising the hormonal transition during the period of onset of puberty has been explained to them.

Participants realised the multi dimensional positive influence of yoga in the growing years of a child.


DIET – District Institute of Education and Training, has been another Government institution through which we have trained students participating in their teacher training program for the last five years. After the certified course, graduates of the course, become secondary grade teachers in Government schools.

Thousands of children, who have come under the tutelage of these teachers have been benefiting through the seeds that were sown in them during their B.Ed course! 
 Students of DIET are invited once a year for an experiential session to Satyananda Yoga Centre, to receive prasad from the Guru Parampara. When they see the pictures of Sri Swamiji and Gurus of our parampara, participate in a guided session and feel deeply touched and blessed.

We will be delighted to guide all B.Ed colleges to help their students – future teachers, have a healthy teaching career. We can also provide them with a curriculum of yoga that they can be easily taught by them in schools they will be teachers.