Swami Niranjan says

“Children are the greatest beneficiaries of YOGA not adults”

Every child is divinity manifest, the ill effects of the world is yet to impregnate the child’s mind with pettiness and corruption!

Sn Shivarishi

We had the privilege of teaching yoga to more than a lakh children in Chennai and in many other parts of Tamilnadu. The experience of teaching yoga to children has been the most rewarding one! Also, it creates a strong and robust foundation for the development of a great personality.

When Yoga is introduced during childhood, it becomes a developmental catalyst! A well developed personality is probably the best asset that a parent, family, culture or even a country can give to a child. A child will be able to face the situations of life in an appropriate manner if the foundation is well laid!

Early introduction of yoga in life, will ensure an overall development and a temperament that will allow children to grow up into more mature and balanced adults. Yoga also strengthens the personality to its best when it is introduced early in the life of a person!

There are also lots of challenges that a growing child goes through in this bitter and ruthless commercial world. They need support, protection from such unwanted and belittling influences in life! If experiences go wrong in early childhood, such people when they grow up, have severe psychological and physical imbalances!

A child goes through a total hormonal change on puberty and the burden of a physical, gender based sexual awareness dawns with the onset of puberty.

The period of transition from being a child to becoming a young adult happens between the age of eight to fifteen. This the most crucial period in an individual’s life! If parents can introduce yoga as a ‘SAMSKARA’ that would go a long way in letting the child to develop a well developed personality!


When a child experiences something as part of the living environment, which the child does not have to process intellectually, like how learning happens in the school; that choice-less input becomes a samskara!

Yoga can provide guidance for young parents and families to provide an uplifting and positive growing environment for their children, as well as yogic disciplines that children can easily imbibe and sync into effortlessly!

A great topic for any family to listen to and follow for generations!