The purpose of yoga is just one: to show humanity how to worship life.
Everybody knows how to worship God, but how do you worship life?

In reality, yoga is not a practice or subject of study, but the worship of life.

When we speak about yoga, what do we mean? What does the word ‘yoga’ really mean?

Philosophers and intellectuals say that yoga is the union between the individual consciousness and the higher consciousness.

In the Sivananda and Satyananda traditions, we say that yoga means integrating the faculties of head, heart and hands.

Paramahamsa Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

The system of Satyananda Yoga helps in strengthening each of these aspects of our personality and brings about a harmonious relationship between these!

HEAD indicating the intellectual faculty, has to be utilised well in the human life! after all we can claim ourselves to be human only when the intellect is fully functional. Satyananda Yoga provides the appropriate stimulus and nourishment to this faculty.