On 11th morning Sn.Shiva Rishi visited Thiruveteeswarar temple in Triplicane. After darshan he went to a quiet corner in the garden of the temple and sat at a secluded location and did his sadhana. After sadhana he opened his eyes and realized the spot was just behind Kasi Vishwanatha shrine in the temple.

On the same day, Sn.Shivarishi in a personal meeting with his students was mentioning the intense desire he is beginning to have to visit Tirthas and Sthanas and do sadhana. He received a call from Shri.Srikrishna Mohan the famous carnatic  musician. He was requested in the call to come for two days to Varanasi for a video shoot in which he had to demonstrate few sequences on Ganga Ghat, which they would use in the video Government of India would be using for Namami Gange!

On 18th January Sn.Shiva Rishi visited Varanasi on an all paid trip. The shooting was for two hours, Sn Shiva Rishi got 2 days to do sadhana in the shrine of Kashi Vishwanatha!

Enjoy the film that was produced by Trichur Brothers Sri Krishna Mohan and Ramkumar Mohan