With more than twenty five years of teaching yoga to children and having made an impression in the mind of more than a million children all over Tamilnadu, Satyananda Yoga Centre, wishes to give away the secrets to children who are giving their board exams.

In this page you will find several interesting, simple yet profound yogic guidelines that can be easily included in daily life and can give you such a relief, boost your ability to perform extremely well in exams and shape up a great life.

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Relax and Excel

We have observed that when students become stressed, the burnout has a debilitating impact on the intelligence, confidence, creativity, concentration, memory and as a result can affect the potential and undermine academic performance as well as affect excellence.

Satyananda Yoga for Board Exam Students

Satyananda Yoga Centre conducted Yoga classes for over fifteen years for the entire population of board exam students of the famous DAV Group of schools across Chennai. Over a lakh and fifty thousand students attended classes during these fifteen years.

Being a competitive academic environment, students of DAV schools felt extreme stress and drained and exhausted with disturbance in their health, personality and capabilities. The favourite intervention was a deep yogic relaxation practice that we introduced to students. Yoga Nidra was the most popular practice.

Soon we will share lovely insights about yoga nidra and provide you with self explanatory audio and video guideline and guided practice, that you can download and use.

Simple practices for fifteen minutes every day

We would recommend few practices every day.

  • Ten to fifteen minute Asana and pranayama when you wake up will ensure that your concentration, absorption, memory will be at their best and your mind will have higher levels of energy for the whole day.
  • Five minutes of Yogic breathing twice a day will let you have an alert mind throughout the day.
  • A short Yoga Nidra for about ten minutes in the evening will remove all fatigue and let you have a refreshed and relaxed mind.

When Satyananda Yoga Centre introduced yoga practices for 10th and +2 students of DAV group of schools in Chennai from 2005 to2016, we undertook a research project. We studied the impact of Yoga on students who appeared in board exams. The research results were presented in the World Yoga Convention attended by over 23000 yoga enthusiasts and experts from all over the world. The same has been published by Yoga Publications Trust and in our ashram magazine “YOGA”. Click on the link given here if you wish to read the same Personality Development in Early Adolescence

We are happy to share with you a video of simple asana and breathing practices from our Youtube Channel. You can use this video to understand the practice and try it out. If you wish to learn the practice personally, you can reach out to us.

You may use the below audio of yoga nidra for practicing every day

The ten minute practice of Yoga Nidra can give you the relaxation you would get from four to five hours of sleep. You are welcome to download the audio in your device and use it.

Short Yoga Nidra in English

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