The physical body is by itself a miracle of nature at its pinnacle! This human body is a marvel.

AVVAYYAR a great mystic yogi of Tamilnadu speaks about the rarity of enjoying the position of human birth. In the work Viveka Choodamani, Adi Shankaracharya also speaks so high about being born as a human.

So unique is this human body that this body can allow one to launch the awareness into the higher realms of refined mind & claim the blemish-less consciousness.

However one has the choice live like an animal, or a demon, or human or like mahatma, or enjoy a Divine status.What kind of life one can live will depend upon the level of refinement that one can bring into this physical body.

The yogic rishis received the wonderful wisdom of yoga from their gurus & have handed over the same to our modern contemporary world in the most relevant way. They have devised a sequence of practices known as asanas.

Maharishi Patanjali defines asanas as “STHIRAM SUKAM ASANA” . That posture or state in which one can remain in total comfort is known as asana. When can you say that your shoe is totally comfortable. You can say so when do not feel that you are wearing it. In the same way you can say that your body is totally comfortable only when you do not feel it. This precisely is the aim of the practice of asanas!

Sri Swami Satyananda developed a series of practices known as the Pawan Muktasanas. It is a unique contribution of Satyananda Yoga tradition to humanity. In this course the first sequence of Pawan Muktasanas – Anti Rheumatic Group, are introduced to the participants.

To understand about the efficacy of these practices, you can read Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha – Published by Bihar School of Yoga or visit this link

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