BODY-Anna Maya Kosha

  • Air
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Soil

According to the yogic understanding anna maya kosha is considered as an inert object, it is called as JADA or GHATA. Though it appears as if it is a live and sentient person, in truth this body is just the combination of five elements. In capable of self existence as well as intrinsic sentience. What is behind this body which makes it appear as though self existent & sentient.

PRANA – Prana Maya Kosha

Actually prana is the subtle in nature, made of the five elements in their subtle form, which allows the physical body to perform all its functions. But for prana this body will be life less. Moreover prana is the substance that allows the mind and intellect to function. All actions, be it physical, emotional, mental or otherwise there is a depletion of prana.

PRANA-MIND connection

You might have heard the story of the blind and lame friends who always lived together. The lame person could see but could not walk or move about on his own. The blind person could walk and move about but could not see. Thus they decided to be together & compliment each other. Prana is like the blind person and mind is like the lame person. Though nothing can be done without prana, prana cannot do anything without being instructed. It cannot decide, it cannot understand, it cannot calculate, it cannot analyze, it cannot plan, all of these have to be done by the mind. Though mind is the one that can do all of this the mind cannot actually do the action. It can only decide, prana is needed for the body & mind to translate it into action; mental or physical!

Mano Maya Kosha

It is made of still subtler form of the five elements. All mental functions – intellectual functions such as thinking, understanding, analyzing, articulating, comparing, communication, concluding, believing, etc; and emotional functions such as loving, hating, wanting, craving, anger, etc; memory and self image are supported by Mano Maya Kosha.

This tiro has to be in good condition individually and should have a good co-ordination. An imbalance in any one of these will amount to dysfunction of that particular aspect of the personality as well as the reduce the functional ability of the other two aspects.

It is the responsibility of each individual to maintain these three in excellent state. In this beginners course one learns to remove the imbalances that have been entrenched into the trio.

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