Satyananda Yoga Centre has been a pioneer in introducing yoga in education! We have taken numerous efforts in the last fifteen years to bring the wisdom of yoga into the education stream. We had the opportunities to make lakhs of children look up to YOGA with hope and joy!

Through several initiatives, in collaboration with private educational institutions and with government run educational institutions, almost a lakh and fifteen thousand children have been introduced to yoga in an enjoyable manner, during the decade of 2005 to 2014!

We were able to let children have an enjoyable experience of Yoga and come to the conclusion that, “YOGA is FUN!”

One may be a great practitioner of asanas, or capable of demonstrating the most complex and advanced asanas! One may be able to explain all the scientific facts behind every practice. These things cannot hold the child even for a moment to consider YOGA as FUN!

Teaching Yoga to children and teaching yoga to adults are completely different things and require totally different skill and knowledge sets! We have trained twenty teachers in handling yoga classes for children in the most interesting manner.

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Since 1995 Sn.Shivarishi has been conducting certified course for students of B.Ed. Several of them trained between 1995 – 2021, have become teachers and are passing on the yogic wisdom that was received by them to thousands of students in their career as a teacher!

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Yoga orientation to teachers and educationists

In over 300 schools, in Chennai and in many parts of Tamilnadu, we have conducted a specially designed one day program to sensitize teachers of schools from kinder garden to senior secondary levels, on the effective role of yoga in education.

Inputs of the workshop, opened up their mind to possibilities. The condition of the teacher, their health, energy, state of mind, calmness, enhances their ability to be more emphatic about their students, be creative, a reliable and respectable resource person in the life of a child!

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Satyananda Yoga in Schools

Government Run schools, Government aided Private schools, Corporation Schools and private schools in Chennai and in many parts of Tamilnadu, have invited Satyananda Yoga Centre, to teach yoga to their school students.

From a single inspirational and experiential session, to a long term course offered through several successive academic years, we have conducted a variety of program for students from 5th class to X+2 students.

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