Yoga has gained a global recognition. Every year millions of people are flocking to India from every nook and corner of the world, with the hope that they will get a spiritual insight from this wonderful tradition. In fact many of them take to the lifestyle of the Vedic tradition and even become a shastry (Learned in Vedic scriptures), Sannyasin even a Swami.

The mandate that Swami Sivananda gave to Sri Swami Satyananda was to take yoga from door to door and from shore to shore.

 The flag of Satyananda Yoga flutters in almost every country in the world. The sentiments and experiences that were shared by yoga experts of the Bihar School of Yoga from 56 countries during the World Yoga Convention,  proved the fact that Satyananda Yoga has successfully transformed the lives of millions of people globally.

The roots of this tradition began from Tamilnadu, India. Satyananda Yoga Centre, wishes to bring Satyananda Yoga practices and the living wisdom of this Golden Tradition to every household of Tamilnadu. This is the aim of ACOGYT.

You can convene an experiential workshop or lecture session in any forum of which you may be a part. 50 topics are given here, you can choose from. Let the wisdom of yoga touch the lives of your kith & kin. Let it transform lives of your people.


50 topics announced here are an honor to the 50 years of this Golden Traditions contributions to humanity. You can choose any of these topics to conduct  ACOGYT sessions in your venue. You can visit the related pages to choose the needed topic.

Click on the topics to read about each topic

  1. Yoga for Children
  2. Education and Yoga
  3. Yoga for Youth
  4. Yoga for Exceptional Children
  5. Personality Development & Yoga
  6. Yoga of the HEAD-HEART-HANDS
  7. Yoga in Sports
  8. Yoga for Awakening the Mind
  9. Kundalini Yoga – Truth & Misconceptions
  10. Kriya Yoga
  11. Yoga & Spirituality
  12. Guru & Disciple
  13. Yoga – The Awakening
  14. Yoga in Daily Life
  15. Yoga for Health
  16. Yoga & Psychology
  17. Yoga in the Modern World
  18. Paths of Yoga
  19. Emerging Trends in Yoga Research
  20. Dynamics f Yoga
  21. Work Life Balance – A Yogic Approach
  22. Success – Demystified
  23. Personal Effectiveness through Yoga
  24. Mind Management through Yoga
  25. Yoga for Professionals
  26. Yogic Management of Stress Disorders
  27. Yogic Management of Chronic Fatigue
  28. Positive Parenting & Yoga
  29. Developing and Nourishing Creativity
  30. ABC of Yoga Education
  31. Yoga Therapy – The Promise
  32. Yoga for the Digestive System
  33. Yogic Management of Hypertension
  34. Yoga for Cardio Vascular Health
  35. Yoga for Respiratory System
  36. Yoga for Migraine
  37. Yogic Management of Insomnia
  38. Yoga for Back Pain
  39. Yoga for Arthritis and Rheumatism
  40. Yoga for Obese
  41. Yoga for Diabetes
  42. Yoga for Women
  43. Yoga for Menstrual Disorders
  44. Yogic Management of Impotence and Sterility
  45. Yogic Management of Constipation
  46. Yogic Management of Hernia
  47. Yogic Management of Depression
  48. Yogic Management of Fear and Insecurity
  49. Yoga for Deaddiction
  50. Yoga for Immune Disorders